July 10, 2014

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HTC Travel Adapter with Micro USB Data Cable - Non-Retail Packaging - Black

  • Keep your HTC phone charged and always ready for use with the HTC Travel Adapter with Micro USB Data Cable.
  • The micro USB data cable can be used to sync and charge your HTC phone via PC.
  • Together they form a solid combination that can keep your HTC phone charged and ready wherever you go.
  • The HTC Travel Adapter with Micro USB Cable, manufactured by HTC is compatible with the HTC Amaze and any other Micro USB Smartphone
Factory Original OEM Home Wall House AC DC Travel Adapter Charger for your Cell Phone - Durable cord for extendable reach and use - Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging your phone's battery - Small and lightweight for convenience, portability and storage - Original battery will be charged to 95% capacity within one to three hours - Talk while you are charging your phone at the same time - I/C Chip technology prevents your phone and battery against overcharging.

List Price: $ 29.99 Price: $ 1.30

HTC Arrive
HTC charger

Image by @jbtaylor
Here’s the out of the box screen saver. I like it so far. One useful thing that HTC does — it uses a standard HTC charger so I could charge this baby with my EVO charger.

First world problems at their finest.