January 26, 2015

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HTC 5V 1A 5W USB Wall Charger For 7 Pro,EVO 3D Incredible 2,Inspire 4G Power Charger TC-U250

  • HTC 5V 1A 5W USB Wall Charger
  • INPUT : 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
  • OUTPUT : 5V 1.0A
  • Light weight easy to carry.
  • Note : the charger is original and the package includes Micro USB data cable.
HTC Charger with Micro USB Cable. Compatible with EVO, ONE, etc. Black. TCU250

Price: $ 2.05

HTC presents a new charger for HTC mobile phones that will allow you to charge your mobile phones even in the car. One can charge the battery of the HTC mobile phone by using the cigarette lighter socket and connect to the HTC USB in Car Charger.

The HTC USB in Car Charger is simple to use while travelling as the charger. Also the charger being simple is also compact in size and thus can be taken along with you anywhere and anytime. There is no hassle of weight with respect to the charger.

This portable HTC USB in Car Charger allows you to conveniently charge the HTC mobile phones while travelling in the car and hence there is no need to panic about the insufficient charge of the HTC mobile phone. Because of this charger, it is guaranteed that your HTC mobile phone will always be alive in terms of charge and hence will always be available to you for your work. Thus this charger helps in ensuring that there will be no disruption in your work because of less charge in the HTC mobile phone.

If one does not get time to charge the HTC mobile phone at home because of extensive usage of mobile phone then this charger can help a lot as this HTC USB in Car Charger allows you to charge the phone in the car while travelling. Therefore, you will not lose out on important calls.

This light weight HTC USB in Car Charger has got coil of 2.1 meters that too allows you to charge your mobile phone easily in the car. Also the charger has in built fuse of 2 amps that secures the battery of mobile phone from overcharging and prevents any kind of damage to the battery of HTC mobile phone. This great HTC USB in Car Charger is really very helpful and makes your HTC mobile phone always in working condition. Astonishingly, the HTC USB in Car Charger is available at reasonable price and can be all your in just few minutes and will give life to your HTC mobile phone.


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HTC charger

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