Android N, bots, VR and more: What to expect at Google I/O

A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. Image: Jeff Chiu/AP There will be self-driving cars. Google I/O 2016, the company’s annual developer conference, is moving to Mountain View, California, this year, which means it’s right in Google’s backyard one of the few places its driverless cars are regular sights on the… Read More »

This could be our first real look at the iPhone 7

Is this the iPhone 7? Image: mashable composite, letemsvetemapplem Is this what the iPhone 7 looks like? It’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the design, but it certainly matches up with all the rumors we’ve been hearing for the last couple of months. The Apple blogLetemSvetemApplemfound the above image, of what appears to be the iPhone 7,… Read More »

A smartphone is a mobile phone

A smartphone is a mobile phone   A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. It typically combines the features of a cell phone with those of other popular mobile devices, such as personal digital assistant… Read More »

Facts About The Apple iPhone 5

Interesting Facts About The Apple iPhone 5   Apple has grown over the years to become the world’s most successful technology company. Innovation and excitement are two traits that tend to surround all new Apple gadgets, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. The iPhone 5 is set to break records all over the place – from its… Read More »